Welcome to Lundin Art – An unique Universe of ArtWork and Photography

Welcome to my Art Universe – many exciting, unexpected, wonderful, beatifull  and fantastic things are continuosly happening on this site…

I am a self taught Danish Digital Artist experimenting with many different ways of producing ArtWorks for some years now. I’m still in development – not entirely sure where to end and how to evolve as an artist – perhaps some day I will also begin to produce physical ArtWork in other ways than printing my ArtWork on Canvas, Aluminium, Paper etc for display – time will show…

Currently I do this on a hobby basis in my spare time, and enjoy very much producing ArtWork that only has the purpose of enjoying the viewer and letting me explore this side of myself.

I am working as a IT Professional for 30+ years now, so it felt quite naturally to try and use Digital Tools for producing ArtWork also.

My primary reward is to be allowed to produce a unique footprint in this wonderful world with my ArtWork.

I live in Strib on the central island Fyn in Denmark, where I often use the nature and surroundings as inspiration for new ArtWork. However, I also do like to travel to get new inspiration and experiences, and have been travelling on different continents.

Some of my ArtWork are based on images captured by a digital camera (or mobile phone) and afterwards manipulated, either alone or as several images in a composite. Some images are made from scratch, either vector or pixel based or combinations hereof. Some of my ArtWork are made by pure computing, ie. fractals and producing and converting flat images to 3D based visuals, used alone or in composites. I do experiment a lot doing something not seen before in my ArtWork.

I do not intend to make ArtWork with messages about politics, religion etc. If you see that kind of things in my ArtWork, its only happening in your own mind, and not intended from my part. If however something offends you that I’m not aware of due to cultural differences, then please let me know so I can learn about it.

I hope you will enjoy your visit, and please feel free to post a comment using the comment forms at the pictures and posts or just send me an message on the Contact page for other enquries etc. 🙂

Remember to return back often and discover new exciting and wonderful ArtWork.

Please use Menu to discover my different areas – Enjoy 🙂